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Athlete Activism

While Colin Kaepernick's 2016 protests reignited the debate surrounding athletes and political activism, the relationship between the two is a longstanding tradition. The athletic field has long been a site for protests against racism, hosting key events in the fight for equality, such as legendary African American baseball player Jackie Robinson's 1947 induction into the MLB. Recent protests have expanded to issues like sexism, LGBT rights, and immigration, and have made use of social media and other modern developments. This volume examines the controversies surrounding athlete activism as well as its place in history and contemporary politics.

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Since the smallpox vaccine was invented in 1796, vaccination has played an essential role in eradicating a number of diseases, including polio, measles, tetanus, and smallpox. Despite its effectiveness at preventing disease outbreaks, vaccination has been met with resistance. It has on rare occasions caused patients to become injured or ill, encouraging some to deduce that they are not worth the risk. Questions about whether vaccines are linked to autism also abound. While universal vaccination would help to eliminate diseases, the question of whether it violates individual liberty merits consideration. The prospective future of vaccination is also discussed.

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Sexual Consent

For many years, "no means no" served as the standard for whether sexual consent is granted, but valid concerns have called for an expansion of this standard. Factors that could prevent someone from rejecting an unwanted advance include coercion and intoxication, making the concept of verbal consent muddy. The debate over whether this standard should be replaced and what should replace it has brought forth various and authority, and mental and emotional conditions and disabilities also factor into the discussion. The well-balanced articles found here will provide your readers with an intelligent understanding of this topic.

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Cultural Appropriation

A white celebrity boasts dreadlocks in an Instagram post. Fashion models strut down a runway wearing Native American headdresses. A fraternity brother dons blackface as part of his Halloween costume. What do these things have in common? They are acts of cultural appropriation, the oftentimes innocent but nonetheless offensive practice of emulating the culture of a people with less power and privilege. When does appreciation cross the line to become appropriation? The viewpoints in this volume address what constitutes cultural appropriation, how it hurts those it seeks to celebrate, and how to be inspired by a culture without insulting it.

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Black Lives Matter

In 2012, a seventeen-year-old African American boy named Trayvon Martin was murdered in cold blood by a neighborhood vigilante. When the murderer was acquitted, shockwaves ran through African American communities across the United States. The frustration over the perceived lack of value of African Americans in the United States spurred #BlackLivesMatter. The activist group mobilized as a rash of killings of unarmed African Americans by police seemed to plague the country. But many whites didn't understand their cause and responded with "All Lives Matter." The viewpoints in this resource ask important questions regarding race in the United States.

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